#AudioMo 2023 Day 9: My most recent Uber experience, and why I won’t be getting anymore guide dogs

Greetings listeners, Today’s post came from my most recent Uber experience with a rude driver. I don’t work my dog anymore. He retired last year, but a lot of issues still plaguing visually impaired Uber riders is the denial of allowing a service animal to accompany them on their ride. While I don’t have that … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 4: The personalities of perfume, or should I say,the “Perfumalities?”

Greetings Listeners! Yes, I just made up a new word, Perfumalities! Autocorrect doesn’t like me very much right now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode where we talk about perfume. Do you love to explore all kinds of different fragrances? Are you a person that obsesses over the mingling of smells, fruity, spicy, floral, … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 3: AI-generated synthesized voice discussion and samples

Greetings #AudioMo listeners and creatives, I hope today finds you well. Have you experimented with AI-generated synthesized voices? Have you wondered what your voice would sound like if you created your own? In this #AudioMo post, we’ll talk a little bit about the voice I created, and I include a couple of short passages that … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 1: Intro

Greetings Listeners, I hope your June is getting off to a pleasant start. For me, the summer blues are kicking in. I’m more of a winter person, and getting the weather forecast for the next week is as horrifying as the shock one receives when they view their utility bills. 🙂 Anyway, at least the … Read more

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