#AudioMo 2023 Day 5: Who’s asking you, Mr. Television?

Mel's #AudioMo Cast
Mel's #AudioMo Cast
#AudioMo 2023 Day 5: Who's asking you, Mr. Television?

Hello Listeners!

Hoping this post finds you well. Are you watching TV? Hopefully it’s just sitting in the background while you enjoy this episode. 🙂
Anyway, have you had one of those experience where the television or the radio answers you or responds to a situation currently taking place around you? It’s quite funny when it happens, maybe a little awkward or even creepy sometimes. Still, it’s something I find quite amusing. Has this happened to you? Listen to my stories, and see what you think.
I hope you enjoy this fun little episode. as always, I look forward to hearing from you. Keep the posts coming! 🙂
Until tomorrow, be safe and have an amazing day!

Melissa roe

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