MPL Episode 14: My Thoughts on Building Strong Connections and Friends in Today’s Digital Environment

Greetings listeners, I hope the weather is enjoyable where you are. For those who are having less than pleasant weather, please be safe, and keep yourselves as cool as possible. The summer will be over soon. 🙂 This episode is going to be more deep and reflective than most, but I hope you will enjoy … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 9: My most recent Uber experience, and why I won’t be getting anymore guide dogs

Greetings listeners, Today’s post came from my most recent Uber experience with a rude driver. I don’t work my dog anymore. He retired last year, but a lot of issues still plaguing visually impaired Uber riders is the denial of allowing a service animal to accompany them on their ride. While I don’t have that … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 4: The personalities of perfume, or should I say,the “Perfumalities?”

Greetings Listeners! Yes, I just made up a new word, Perfumalities! Autocorrect doesn’t like me very much right now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode where we talk about perfume. Do you love to explore all kinds of different fragrances? Are you a person that obsesses over the mingling of smells, fruity, spicy, floral, … Read more

#AudioMo 2023 Day 3: AI-generated synthesized voice discussion and samples

Greetings #AudioMo listeners and creatives, I hope today finds you well. Have you experimented with AI-generated synthesized voices? Have you wondered what your voice would sound like if you created your own? In this #AudioMo post, we’ll talk a little bit about the voice I created, and I include a couple of short passages that … Read more

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