The Genres/Themes for each month in 2024, Plus Book Club information for those who are Interested

Hello again Readers, I hope you’re doing well. We have a lot to get to in this blog post, so I’ll just dive right in. Before I do though, I’m curious to know whos keeping their Christmas decorations up past the new year? 🙂 I’m starting my own personal reading circle online to share the … Read more

Racing through the Pages: My Plan for Managing my Bookish Mischief in 2024

Greetings Readers, I hope your holiday season has been a plethora of blessings and joyful moments with friends and loved ones. If you have been spending the holidays alone, just know that a comforting shoulder is within reach if you need anyone to talk to. That’s one of the great things about the internet. I’ve … Read more

A Scandalous Stack: My Mini Challenge for the April 2021 Dewy’s Readathon

My friends and family think I’m perhaps the weirdest person on the planet for my television content. You won’t find me streaming the newest titles on Netflix. I spend my Tv time watching documentaries and crime shows. A binge watching night usually includes episodes of Nova, Forensic Files, and my favorite, the classic version of … Read more

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