Active Shootings and People with Disabilities: The Discussion that Needs to Happen Yesterday

By now, it’s inescapable. Your portable devices chime, vibrate, or pop up alerts to get your attention. Even if do-not-disturb is enabled, you can’t seem to shake it off while you’re doing research papers, or just innocently surfing the web. Social networks may be great for checking in with family, but you have to navigate … Read more

Welcome to Access4All!

Hello, and a warm welcome to Access4All. This is the time and place, for a fully inclusive space! This post will lay out the ground work for my newest passion project, making Mastodon as accessible of a place as possible through transcribed audio and video posts. Everyone has been giving image descriptions so much hype … Read more

A Scandalous Stack: My Mini Challenge for the April 2021 Dewy’s Readathon

My friends and family think I’m perhaps the weirdest person on the planet for my television content. You won’t find me streaming the newest titles on Netflix. I spend my Tv time watching documentaries and crime shows. A binge watching night usually includes episodes of Nova, Forensic Files, and my favorite, the classic version of … Read more

Is the Pandemic Contributing to Randonautica’s popularity?

Most of us would rather forget 2020 ever existed, and there are perhaps a few who might want to give it another try without the pandemic unpleasantries. Unfortunately, the year of Covid will earn its page in future history books, amongst the darkest chapters of humanity. As if the rapid spread of the virus wasn’t … Read more

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