Episode 3: A Drug-free Life for Mom and Baby

Mel's Podtastic Life
Mel's Podtastic Life
Episode 3: A Drug-free Life for Mom and Baby

Hello, and welcome to this very serious, very different episode of Mel’s Podtastic Life. Today, we are discussing the effects of Meth use both in Mother and Baby, and why I think it’s so important for women to receive specialized care. sometimes, a solution that is well-suited for women is out of their reach. Join me in this episode as I share a personal story about a family member and her children effected by years of drug use. I talk about how it has affected the family, the consequences to her children, and whyI believe women need specialized care rehabilitation centers. I also share facts about the effects of meth use on both mother and child, and I conduct an interview with a woman who has spent her entire childhood in the clutches of parental drug abuse. This podcast is highly emotional, so due to its sensative nature, listener disgression in advised.

following are links to some resources that have been most helpful in my research. First up, a guide from the Oregon State University, that helps would-be parents adopting children exposed to meth through pregnancy. This contains information on how it affects everyone including the mother, and useful information on why this drug has become so dangerous. You can find the guide. Here from the university’s website

Here is another article that talks about Meth babies on the rise.

I’m also including a couple videos that show babies in withdrawal after being exposed to meth. Here is a video from a news report.

and this video from The Doctors shows withdrawals from a baby addicted to heroin.

If you’d like to know more about drug rehabilitation for women, Follow this link to the Right side Up Program in Georgia

If you are in california, This link will take you to the New directions For Women treatment center in costa Mesa.

Many thanks to ashlie garrett, who recorded her interview with me on November 29, 2021. the podcast recording was completed on November 30, 2021.

Please remember to reach out if you or someone you know needs help. All comments and suggestions are welcome on the blog. Thank you again for listening, and have a remarkable holiday season!

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