#AudioMo 2021 Day 4: From the Mouths of Babes

Mel's #AudioMo Cast
Mel's #AudioMo Cast
#AudioMo 2021 Day 4: From the Mouths of Babes

Greetings listeners,

Welcome to day 4 of AudioMo. I hope you’re having a great day.
As a child, you’re told not to curse, so if you’re like me, you invent something so funny, so unique, as a substitute for those curse words you’re not allowed to say. In this audio post, I share one of my own words, as well as one my brother made up. There’s a little humorous stop at the bathroom mirror in the beginning of the post. I just wanted it to be funny all around. I hope you enjoy it.
Take care, and I will see you in the next audio post. Never hesitate to get in touch.
From Melissa and Guide dog Zappa

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