#AudioMo 2021 Day 10: The Four Seasons of Life

Mel's #AudioMo Cast
Mel's #AudioMo Cast
#AudioMo 2021 Day 10: The Four Seasons of Life

Hello again Listeners,

I hope you have been having a great day wherever you are. Are there plans for the coming weekend?
I’m here to talk about my own definitions of the four seasons of life. If you can define Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in your own words, how would you define the seasons that affect life’s various stages? Listen to this episode to gain a better understanding, and I’d love to hear your special life seasons. Finally, do you feel that having a better understanding about what season in life you happen to be in, you can better prepare yourself for future problems each season may bring along? Does it help you feel that you’re not alone? Remember, if you’re in a down season in your life, like the four seasons we that mark the completion of a year, this too shall pass. Hugs.
I look forward to your comments, and I hope you have a fabulous day. I’ll see you tomorrow. Blessings and hugs to everyone.
Melissa and Zappa

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